• Introductory Level

    Introductory classes & courses are suitable for all levels especially complete beginners

    Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm
    Feb 7 – 28 2023
    Monique @ Claremont Upper Hall 24-27 White Lion St, Angel N1 9PD
    £44/4 weeks  First taster class @ £10
    Wednesday 6.15-7.15pm
    Feb 8 – 22 2023
    Monique @ Claremont Anya’s Hall 24-27 White Lion St, Angel N1 9PD
    £33/3weeks First taster class @ £10
    Saturday 9.30-10.30am
    Feb 11 –  25
    Monique @ Waterside 50 Dame St N1 7FR
     £33/3 weeks or £12 drop in/first taster class @ £10
  • Level 1

    Level 1 courses are open to all who have some yoga experience

    Open class – Wednesday @ 7.30-8.30pm Karen @  The Skylight  
    Resumes Jan 11

    Class passes available for Open Shadow Yoga class : 6 classes £66/single class £12


    Open Shadow Yoga class – Saturday @ 9 -10.15am
    Resumes Jan 14
    Karen @ Claremont Upper Hall 24-27 White Lion St, Angel N1 9PD
     Class passes available for Saturday Open Shadow Yoga class : 6 classes £66/single class £12


    Tuesday 6.15-7.15pm
    Ongoing – please book
    Monique @ Claremont Upper Hall 24-27 White Lion St, Angel N1 9PD
    6 weeks £66/£12 drop in/taster class £10
  • Level 2

    These classes/courses focus on the second prelude of Shadow Yoga Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam – Churning of the Shadow Warrior. It is suitable for those with experience of the Balakrama, the first Shadow Yoga prelude, or with 1-2 years experience form another school of yoga

  • Level 2-3

    Wednesday 7-8.15am
    Ongoing – please book
    6 weeks @ £66
    This course is suitable for those with at least 2 years experience of Shadow yoga. It will focus on the third form of Shadow Yoga Kartikkeya Mandalam.
  • Linear Asana Anghara/Inversions & Ciruclar Asana Anghara/Deha Shuddhi 2023

    Linear Asana Anghara & Inversions Tuesday @ 7-8.15am

    Jan 17 – March 21 2023

    Karen @ St James’ Hall Islington

    10 weeks @ £110

    This course is open to those with experience of linear asana anghara and will focus on cultivating the inverted postures according to the ability of each individual


    Circular Asana Anghara & Deha Shuddhi course

    Wednesday @ 6.15-7.15pm

    Jan 18 -March 15 2023

    Karen @  The Skylight

    9 weeks @ £100

    This course will focus on the Circular Prelude and Asana Anghara to prepare for the practice of Deha Shuddhi, a preliminary stage of preparation for pranayama . It is open to those with experience of the circular asana anghara of Shadow Yoga


  • Individual Instruction

    Students with injuries or specific conditions that require individual attention are advised to contact Karen Watson on 0208 533 5553 or email


Intensive courses are for students with some experience of Shadow Yoga in order to deepen their practice. They can focus on a particular prelude, the full practice format or a specific element of the practice and usually are at least one week in duration.

  • Winter Balakrama Intensive


    Monday Feb 20 – Friday Feb 24 @ 7-8.30am

    Teacher: Monique Ledesma

    The Balakrama (Stepping into Strength) is the first Shadow Yoga Prelude, which develops strength, resilience and flexibility. It will be taught as part of the full practice format of prelude, asana and concluding activity. This is a general level course open to all with some yoga experience.

    Fees: £115 (Early Bird £100 by Jan 20)

    To book email

  • Spring Kartikkeya Intensive March 27-31


    Monday March 27 – Friday March 31 @ 7-8.30am

    Teacher: Monique Ledesma

    Kartikkeya Mandala (The Garland of Light) is the third Shadow Yoga Prelude. This prelude uses twisting and spiralling movements to rhythmically contract and expand the body. This allows one to access and release more deeply held tensions. The  co-ordination involved refines the connection between the body, mind and breath. This course is open to those with some experience of the shadow yoga preludes.

    Fees: £115 (Early Bird £100 by Feb 27)

    To book email


Workshops provide a short exposure to Shadow Yoga preludes, full practice format or Nrtta Sadhana practice and thus provide an introduction to the subject being taught. They are usually taught over weekends.

  • Date/Time:

    No workshops are currently planned



Retreats provide an opportunity to immerse oneself fully in the yoga practice without the demands and distractions of everyday life.

  • Spring Equinox Retreat 2023 - Shropshire UK


    Thursday March 16 – Monday March 20 2023


    Teacher: Karen Watson

    This spring equinox retreat will be held in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire and is open to all with experience of Shadow Yoga. It will be a general level retreat focussing on prelude, asana and concluding practices of Shadow Yoga.

    Fees include accommodation, meals and tuition, two classes/day plus one class on arrival on Thursday evening and one before departure on Monday morning

    The nearest town is Craven Arms  or Ludlow which is a 20-30 minute taxi ride away


    Fees: £575 twin share only - £175 deposit to book

    Email to book

  • Summer Solstice Retreat 2023 - Ludlow UK


    Monday June  19 @ 3pm – Monday June 26 @ 11am


    Teacher: Karen Watson

    Join us for our annual week long summer solstice Shadow Yoga retreat at the beautiful Bringewood venue secluded in the Shropshire Hills. The retreat is a general level retreat open to all with Shadow Yoga experience and will focus  on prelude, asana and concluding practices of Shadow Yoga.

    This retreat is self catering in individual 2 bedroom apartments one twin/one single in each.

    Fees include accommodation and tuition being two classes/day, with a class on arrival and before departure .

    Food deliveries are easily available.

    The nearest town is Ludlow which is a 20 minute taxi ride away so easy to pick up supplies on the way.

    Fees: £795 twin share/£895 single £200 deposit to book

    Email to book


  • Pregnancy Yoga

    Thursday 19:30-20:30pm

    This course is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and will introduce practices that nourish and support you physically and mentally through this incredible transformation. Common pregnancy challenges can be addressed as well as toning the pelvic floor. As you connect with yourself and your baby it builds confidence and trust preparing you for birth and parenthood.


    Fees: £50/5 weeks/£12 single

    For more information/booking please email