Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga courses at Islington Yoga focus on developing the strength required to carry the child during pregnancy, coordination of movement and breath to give mental focus and clarity, and relaxation.

Beginning on a physical level, tension is first released through the joints. This is followed by stance work, where the movement of the arms and legs are coordinated with the breath. The stance work strengthens the back and supports the weight of the growing child.

Deepening awareness of the breath is then developed through specific patterns of arm movements (prana mudra) which slow down the mind and draw the attention inwards. These arm movements are also practiced to develop strength in the arms for nursing and carrying the newborn child. They are also very effective in reducing tension around the neck and shoulders when breast-feeding.

This deeper focus on the breath brings more clarity to the pelvic floor exercises while other breathing and relaxation practices are more profound. Women gain more confidence in their bodies and a stronger intuitive connection with the child. This promotes a more joyful experience during the pregnancy and childbirth.

Monique completed a three year teaching apprenticeship with Karen Watson in February 2014 and is now teachingĀ all levels of Shadow yoga.
In 2020, Monique trained to teach pregnancy yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and is now offering pregnancy and post-natal yoga courses.